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Experience a different kind of North Shore networking.

Welcome to Building Business Group, chatswood.

At BBG’s North Shore networking group you can relax. We’re a bit different. There’s no;

  • swapping of business cards,
  • requirements for weekly attendance,
  • bringing visitors or delivering on a certain amount of referrals (or else!).

What you will find is a great bunch of people who really like each other, have fun together and trust each other to share business opportunities. Read more about what to expect from your visit.

Fortnightly networking breakfast meetings

In fact, BBG is so relaxed, we meet over a great coffee at the Dougherty Community Centre Chatswood, fortnightly. At each meeting you’ll get to talk about life and business, meet and chat with other like-minded business owners and laugh (A LOT) about the daily goings on in business. See who else is a BBG member.

Cafe meeting catch ups

Between BBG’s North Shore networking fortnightly breakfasts, you’ll be encouraged to ‘drop in’ to our local cafe meetings. These get moved up and down the north shore so everyone has a location that’s a little bit closer to home or the office over the course of the year.  But if you can’t make it to a cafe meeting, maybe you need a morning off to get into work early (or an extra bit of sleep!), that’s fine. We’ll see you next time. You might be wondering, if we’re so relaxed for a north shore networking group, how is business getting done? Well, that’s part of our secret sauce (scroll down to find out more).

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What's BBG's secret sauce?

Relationships! Pure and simple. When people are relaxed, they do better business. At BBG, you’ll find that we’re all about getting to know the real you – not just your business name and its features. Once we get to know and like each other, we begin to trust each other.

And voila – that’s how real business is done. And those relationships grow deeper over time. Not just with the people in the room, but all the people they know and then the people those people know. It’s about becoming a trusted member of each other’s inner circles.

But you can’t do that if you’re stressed about missing a meeting, not bringing enough visitors or referring enough business – in our opinion, that’s just bad business! And let’s face it, running a business is hard enough without adding extra stress. So we don’t.

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