What to expect from a BBG meeting

It can be daunting walking into a room full of people you’ve not met before. So we thought you’d like an idea of what to expect before you do.

  • First you’ll be greeted at the door by one of our visitor hosts or one of the membership committee.
  • Next we’ll get you a coffee or tea. Then you’ll be introduced to a couple of people who’ll look after you for the morning.

Mingling starts from 6:45am.

The BBG meeting starts at 7am.


Member 60 seconds

After brief introductions, the members have 60 seconds to talk about their business, often it’s something that’s gone on in their business or in their industry or maybe a testimonial from a client/customer. You’ll notice that most of them are happy to stand and ‘chat’ about their business. But that’s because BBG’s members get to practice their pitch each and every meeting.


Visitor 60 seconds

Now you’ve seen how it’s done, it’s your turn. As a visitor, you’ll be asked to stand and introduce your business to the group for 60 seconds. It can be a little scary to stand and do 60 seconds off the cuff, so you might want to prepare something prior (60 seconds is only around 150 words (see how to make the best of your 60 seconds). If you’re having an event or a sale or something else that you want to invite the group to, this is the time to talk about it. Make sure you bring along a stack of business cards.

It all sounds very serious, but there’s usually a lot of laughing as we go around the table.

We’ll then have a quick break to interact.


The 10 minute member presentation

Each meeting one of BBG’s members has the opportunity to share a more in depth presentation about their business. Most have powerpoint, some just a photo stream and some demonstrate actual product. It’s entirely up to them. That’s followed by a brief Q&A.


What’s new section

Prior to wrapping up the meeting, each member has the opportunity to share testimonials for other members they’ve worked with, briefly mention a biz-to-biz meeting they’ve had since the last meeting or give another member a quality referral. This is also the time for members to mention an upcoming workshop, project, etc they’ve got coming up.

Lastly there’s a couple of minutes for updates and general BBG discussion before we all get on with our day – all powered up and ready to move our businesses forward.

If you’d like to join us for a meeting, we’d love to have you. Just book via the button below. Your first visit is free.

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Quick snippets on how BBG's benefited member businesses.

You can read more testimonials here.

I have been a member of the BBG for two years now and during that time I have received many referrals resulting in excess of $1 million of worth of business for our Construction Company, Acquisition Team and Project Managers.

Harry Charamboulos

CEO, Plan Assist Property Team

As a relatively new member to BBG I have already had sales from 7 people in the group. I have referred business to 6 other people, 2 of these being for ongoing and regular use. Plus I've also been able to refer a number of these businesses to my friends and family.

Aimee Brice

Independent Consultant, Arbonne

I joined BBG only 4 months ago.  In that time I have received 1 new property management and 4 referrals directly from joining the group.  The owner of the new property I manage has given me public testimonials leading to new referrals.

Tisa van den Heuvel In Home Property Management

Director/Property Manager, In Home Property Management

From the first week I joined I received a new client and receive new clients on a regular basis.

Jennie Tonner

Conveyancer, Jennie Tonner Conveyancing