BBG Member Testimonials

I have been a member of the BBG for two years now and during that time I have received many referrals resulting in excess of $1 million of worth of business for our Construction Company, Acquisition Team and Project Managers. There have been a variety of projects and referrals ranging from one off clients through to contacts in our industry which have led to long term second and third tier referrals.
Along the way we have made some great connections that will be a part of the continued success of our business and at the same time made many friends whose company I enjoy which is what business is all about. Have Fun, Help People and Making Money. The regular contact with other business owners also helps when you have a question regarding your own business as there is usually someone within the group that either knows the answer or knows someone that can help.
Harry Charalambous

CEO, Plan Assist Property Team

I have been a member of BBG for several years, with 2.5 years served as Vice President. Not only have the members become a fabulous “sales” team who are on the lookout for business for me, they have also become a valued source of business alliances, collaborations and friendship. I more than make back my financial outlay for membership each year, but the value for me on a professional and personal level is far greater. These are quality people, with quality businesses (oh and great senses of humour!)
Cheryl Alderman

Business Coach, Be Ultimate

I joined BBG only 4 months ago.  In that time I have received 1 new property management and 4 referrals directly from joining the group.  The owner of the new property I manage has given me public testimonials leading to new referrals.  I have been using the services of some of the other business owners and in meeting with them and their network groups I have also received 2 further referrals, one of which looks like it might be a long term collaborative situation.  Other referrals have come through from within the group from other business in a similar industry to mine.  It has been a wonderful decision to join BBG and I look forward to being a part of it for many years to come.  
Since joining BBG I have made a room full of new friends.  I look forward to Thursdays as I know my day will start off on a positive note with laughing and coffee, and I get to share my successes or my troubles from the past week.  I have also been able to personally use many of the other businesses in the group, which is great, as I feel able to trust them with, not only my business, but with my clients as well.  It has been the best decision I have made for my business since starting it 5 years ago.
Tisa van den Heuvel

Director/Property Manager, In Home Property Management

Being a part of BBG has provided me with many business opportunities to meet local businesses within the community to provide health talks on a variety of topics and share how Chiropractic may be an option to their health needs. Through these health talks I’m able to provide people a better understanding to what I do as a Chiropractor and more importantly provide them strategies on how to improve their health and wellbeing. BBG has provided me a network of professionals and experts that I would have not been able to meet in such short time. Whom I can trust and refer my friends, family and patients. It has also provided me knowledge in areas that is not front in mind as a health professional example, financial/super changes.
Louis Jen

Chiropractor, Complete Health Chiropractic

BBG is not only a fun group to share and collaborate business with, BBG is also a viable revenue stream due to the leads that I receive. When you can mix business and pleasure the income is just a bonus! 
Nicole Cannon

Founder & Director, Pink Finance

I am a new member of BBG. I joined because, as a solo business owner, I felt I needed regular connection with others in small business. I also wanted an opportunity to hear about and discuss business in its broader terms and a way of making personal connections in wider circles than just my own industry.

Lindsey Blondel

Interior Designer, Lindsey Blondel Interior Design

As a relatively new member to BBG I have already had sales from 7 people in the group. I have engaged and paid for business from 6 other people, 2 of these being for ongoing and regular use. I have also been able to refer a number of these businesses to my friend’s and family, for example I have recommended my mum to go and see Louis at Complete Health Chiropractic.

Aimee Brice

Independant Arbonne Consultant, Arbonne

By joining BBG I have met a lot of like minded small business owners who are friendly and experts in their field.  Through the group I have been able to make strong referral partnerships and obtain great experience and mentorship from the fellow members.  From the first week I joined I received a new client and receive new clients on a regular basis.
Jennie Tonner

Licensed Conveyancer, Cremorne Conveyancing

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